Hussingtree Winter Gin 70cl

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Hussingtree Winter Gin perfectly suits those colder, autumnal-wintery days and evenings.


Our Spiced Plum Dry Gin is the base for this wonderful distilled gin. We've steeped raisines, oranges, apples and a range of winter spices. To create a gin that delivers aromas and flavours associated with the festive time of year. In keeping with our traditions, we never add any sweetners to our gin. All the flavour is delivered through natural ingredients.


Perfect serve - Winter warmer

Our Winter Gin works perfectly by mixing it with cloudy apple juice (a ratio of 1 part gin to 2-3 parts apple juice works well, but adjust to your preferred strength and taste).

Gently warm and garnish with a thin slice of orange and apple.

For extra spiced warmth add a little cinnamon or star anise, if you fancy.

The result is a fantastic winter warmer, suited to colder evenings in front of the fire or as a welcome drink at festive get togethers.


Perfect serve - Gin and tonic

The gin makes a wonderful gin and tonic, or mixed with soda water or lemonade (depending upon your preference). Garnish with a thin slice of orange, or, a little cinnamon.