Hussingtree Dry Gin Gift Box

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A trio of 50ml dry gin miniatures in an attractive presentation box. The box includes brief product descriptors along with guidance on the perfect serve for each gin.


Each of the dry gins perfectly embodies our ambition to create distinctive, flavoursome distilled gin.


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Our Dry Gin Gift Box provides a set of 3 x 50ml miniature bottles (40% abv), incorporating three of our one shot Hussingtree Dry Gins:


Bumbleberry Dry Gin (40%)

  • Silver Medal Winner, London Spirits Competition 2020.
  • One Star Great Taste Award Winner, 2019.
  • A true reflection of the Worcestershire and UK countryside. Three traditional British berries - Blackberry, Bilberry, Sloeberry - combine with juniper and supporting botanicals to create our beautifully flavoured Bumbleberry Gin. Packed with fruitiness yet wonderfully smooth. Serve with a halved strawberry.

Hussingtree Asparagus Dry Gin (40%)

  • Silver Medal, Global Spirits Masters 2019.
  • Bronze Medal, London Spirits Competition 2020.
  • Reflects our core value of taking inspiration from our home county of Worcestershire. We dehydrate locally grown asparagus, which delivers wonderful grassy, earthy flavours. Other botanicals include dill and Droitwich Salt. A truly different dry gin that quite simply works. Most frequently described by customers as 'green' in overall flavour. Serve with a couple of fresh mint leaves. 

Hussingtree Juneberry Dry Gin (40%)

  • Perfectly embodies our ambition to create distinctive, flavoursome distilled gin. A fruit gin that's full of flavour, it balances juniper with juneberries, a suble citrus kick from orange peel alongside seven further botanicals. The juneberries add a wonderful rounded fruity and gentle sweetness to the flavour, without being overpowering. Serve with a thin slice of orange zest. 

For each of our gins we recommend the ratio of Indian Tonic to gin being between 2:1 and 3:1. That enables the full flavour of the gin to come through.