Hussingtree Cherry & Vanilla Gin 70cl

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Hussingtree Cherry and Vanilla Gin (40% abv) offers a classic pairing of flavours.


We've blended our award-winning Bumbleberry Dry Gin (it has a depth of dry fruit base and slight warmth of cinnamon) with cherries from Broomfields Farm in Worcestershire. Alongside the cherries as they've been steeping in the dry gin, we've included a touch of vanilla that offers a subtle sweetness and flavour that works beautifully with the cherry.


Perfect G&T

Enjoy our Hussingtree Vanillla and Cherry Gin in a G&T with your favourite neutral tonic poured over a heap of ice. We recommend the ratio of neutral tonic to gin being between 2:1 and 3:1. For a garnish, try a thin slice of lime or lime zest. Or, half a fresh cherry and give it a gentle squeeze before dropping into the drink.


Or why not try...?

The flavour combination in the gin also works wonderfully with lemonade or cola, if you like a slightly sweeter drink over ice. (If you like cherry cola, then you'll love our Cherry and Vanilla Gin with premium cola!!!) Follow the same guide ratios and garnishes as the G&T above.