British Polo Rum 3 Double spiced Organic

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No.3 Double Spiced 70 cl

40% ABV. Organic Double Spiced Rum

Released from the same stable as our multi award winning British Polo Gin, this ground-breaking 100% organic double spiced rum is the first of its kind in the world and has been three years in the making.

Having worked with leading retailers and event spaces we felt that there was a big gap both in our stable, and more widely in the market, for a truly proper organic spiced rum. As our gins are so rich in flavour, we wanted our rum to follow suit. To achieve this we have pioneered a new double spiced process.

The pioneering double spicing process involves the distillation of key spices: orange, cinnamon, vanilla and ginger with 100% organic, Fairtrade white rum before macerating the spices in the distillate. The Result? A wonderfully rich and vanilla mouthfeel laced with delicious citrus and subtle spice. Perfect to enjoy pitch side post polo!

Serving suggestions:

• On the rocks

• Alongside Cola with a fresh orange wheel

• With ginger beer and a lime wedge garnish